Skinnies Review

In my never ending quest to conquer eczema, I am always on the lookout for new products to help my son live a bit more comfortably.  I had heard about some silk garments manufactured just for eczema, psoriasis, and burn patients, but could only locate them overseas.  There was no U.S. distributor and I could […]

Fall is Here!

          Well, okay, technically it starts September 23, but the September 1st is close enough for me!  (You can see my tree is well into Fall already without any leaves!)  The kids are back in school, Halloween is on the mind, and pumpkin flavored everything is starting to pop up everywhere.   […]

Honey Spelt Bread

So let’s just skip over the fact that I haven’t posted in forever and get straight to the recipe shall we! I came across some organic spelt flour in our local grocery store and figure I could use it to make some bread and/or wraps for allergy boy.  He seems to tolerate spelt pretty well. […]